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The Ideal Studio
Lundgren + Lindqvist

Lundgren + Lindqvist is a design and development bureau based in Gothenburg, Sweden, working across graphic design, branding illustration and art direction. Founded in 2007 by Andreas Friberg Lundgren and Carl-Johan Lindqvist, the studio employs four staff (plus one or two interns) and is based in the roof space of an old sugar factory overlooking the citys harbour.

Andreas Friberg Lundgren, partner and senior art director, on... 

The importance of structure in a small studio...

We try to uphold a rather strict schedule. The reason for this is that we, in our work process, constantly use each other for feedback, by bouncing ideas back and forth. Having people working outside the immediate reach would mean running the risk of losing some of the spontaneous discussions sparked in the heat of the moment. In our studio, these discussions often eventually lead to breakthroughs in projects.

Being a small team, most of our projects are split between at least two or three members of the group, who are working in close collaboration during certain phases of the project. Having everybody at hand makes this process much easier and reduces the need to schedule internal meetings.

We try to maintain a rather flat hierarchy and an open environment where everyone is welcome to give input and join discussions. Sometimes the start to a great solution comes from someone not actively involved in that specific project.

Promoting interaction between staff...

An environment is coloured by its inhabitants. When building a creative team, choosing the right people is crucial. Not only does each member have to be great at what they do, they also need to be compatible with the rest of the group.

We strive to build a studio environment where it is easy to find common touch-points, be it through bonding over a new art book, discussing mid-century modern furniture design or debating the optimal temperature of the perfect espresso.

We also have a ping pong table, which offers an (often well-needed) opportunity for switching from mental to physical workout. A ping-pong tournament is a great team builder, even though everyone in the team might not live up to the standards of the great Swedish masters!

Although most of us have busy schedules even outside work hours — we also try to spend an hour or two together on Friday afternoon at our favourite bar and restaurant. This is a great opportunity for discussing work related matters in a more relaxed manner as well as to get to know each other better.

Working near other creatives...

Our studio is managed by a municipally tied property agent who manages and develops culturally important buildings. They have, through a selective application process where creative businesses are awarded priority, looked to build a creative hub in our building. The result of this is a culturally diverse space hosting a number of creatives, including photographers, graphic designers and artists. Although our interaction with our neighbours is often limited to a quick chat in the elevator, we can only see positive sides of working within a creative community.

The ideal studio...

The ideal studio is a bedless home away from home, a space where you don't mind spending a couple of extra hours at the end of the day. It is an environment where you will both be challenged and supported, allowing you to continuously push the limits of your creativity. 

Knock down unnecessary separating walls, treat your employees to great coffee and fresh fruit and build a library of stimulating literature. Physical reference allows us to step away from the screen and to, if only temporarily, distance ourselves from the digital reality in which we, for good and bad, are connected to everyone and everything.


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